Practical exercise

This exercise looks at moving through text in an EVE session.

  1. Edit TEST1.TXT and enter the following text:

    This is a file of text. It will be used in the
    third practical of this workshop. The topic of
    this workshop is the EVE editor. EVE is a DEC

  2. Save this text using the WRITE command.

  3. Move around the file using the cursor keys and the TOP and BOTTOM commands.

    Use Ctrl/E and Ctrl/H to move to the start and end of a line.

  4. Split the text such that each sentence begins on a new line.

  5. Go to the top of the file and use MOVE BY LINE to go down the file.

    Now use MOVE BY LINE to go up the file.

  6. Use FIND to locate every occurrence of is.

  7. Place a mark at the start of the last sentence.

    Move to the top of the file and return to the mark using GO TO .

  8. Use LINE to move to the second line in the file.

  9. Restore the text to its original form, shown in step 1, without leaving EVE.

  10. Use Ctrl/U to remove the first sentence and the DELETE key to remove the last sentence.

  11. Assume that steps 3 to 10 were mistakes. Correct this by leaving EVE with the QUIT command.

Adrian P Robson 2011-04-23