Part of another file

To include part of another file use two windows:

  1. Move to the window displaying the file to be updated.
  2. Open new window:
    DO ... SPLIT ... RETURN
  3. Move to new window:
    DO ... OTHER ... RETURN
  4. Load file containing required text:
    DO ... GET filename ... RETURN
  5. choose the section of text to be included:
    SELECT the required text
  6. Delete it:
  7. Restore it:
  8. Go back to master file:
    DO ... OTHER ... RETURN
  9. Move cursor to insert location.
  10. Insert required text:
  11. Close other window:
    DO ... ONE ... RETURN

For safety, the include file should not be written back to disk. If another part of the same file is needed later, use

BUFFER filename

instead of

GET filename

in step 4.

Adrian P Robson 2011-04-23