Practical exercise

This exercise demonstrates the EXIT and QUIT commands. Start from the VMS prompt:

  1. Enter EVE TEST.TXT

    This starts an EVE session. TEST.TXT does not exist so a new file is created. Notice the format of the screen, in particular the information line at the bottom of the screen.

    1. Enter some text from the keyboard. Any text will do.
    2. Now attempt to quit EVE.

      The file has been changed, so you are asked for confirmation. If you agree to quit, then TEST.TXT will not be created.

      You do not want to quit EVE, so reply with an N to continue editing.

    3. Now EXIT the editor.

      This will return you to VMS.

      Display your directory (use DIR ). You can see that TEST.TXT has been created.

  2. Enter EVE TEST.TXT

    The file exists, so it is displayed on the screen when EVE starts.

    1. Modify the file by adding some text.
    2. Now Quit EVE.

      This time reply Y to abandon your changes. You are returned to VMS. Display your directory. You will notice that a new file has not been created.

  3. Enter EVE TEST.TXT

    Notice that the file has not changed.

    1. Modify the file again, by adding some text.
    2. Now exit EVE.

      You are returned to VMS. Confirm that the file has been modified with:

      TYPE TEST.TXT (the changed file)

      TYPE TEST.TXT;-1 (the previous version)

Adrian P Robson 2011-04-23