Keyboard overview

Most of the material in this section will be covered in more detail later.

The DEC keyboard is divided into the following sections:

  1. Main alphanumeric keyboard, which is used for data entry. There are some useful control key sequences available. For these, hold the Ctrl key down while the other key is being pressed:

    Ctrl/B Used with the RECALL command
    Ctrl/E Go to end of line
    Ctrl/H Go to start of line
    Ctrl/L Insert page break
    Ctrl/R Used with the LEARN command (see below)
    Ctrl/U Erase start of line
    Ctrl/W Refresh screen
    Ctrl/Z EXIT

  2. The function keys. These are along the top of the keyboard. Important keys are:

    F10 EXIT
    F11 forward / reverse toggle
    F12 move by line
    F13 erase word
    F14 insert / overstrike toggle

    Other function keys may be defined as site extensions.

  3. The keypad. This is immediately right of the main keyboard. These keys are:

  4. The numeric keypad. This is on the far right of the keyboard. This can be defined as:

Adrian P Robson 2011-04-23