Programming languages --- C++

Languages de programmation --- C++

Secretariat: ANSI
Voting begins on: 1998-04-23
Voting terminates on: 1998-06-23

In accordance with the provisions of Council Resolution 21/1986, this document is circulated in the English language only.

PRODUCTION NOTE: The dates in the headers of this FDIS, which currently read "1997", will be changed to "1998" before final publication of this International Standard.

In addition to their evaluation as being acceptable for industrial, technological, commercial and user purposes, draft international standards may on occasion have to be considered in the light of their potential to become standards to which reference may be made in national regulations.

Reference number ISO/IEC FDIS 14882:1998(E)

1 - General [intro]
2 - Lexical conventions [lex]
3 - Basic concepts [basic]
4 - Standard conversions [conv]
5 - Expressions [expr]
6 - Statements [stmt.stmt]
7 - Declarations [dcl.dcl]
8 - Declarators [dcl.decl]
9 - Classes [class]
10 - Derived classes [class.derived]
11 - Member access control [class.access]
12 - Special member functions [special]
13 - Overloading [over]
14 - Templates [temp]
15 - Exception handling [except]
16 - Preprocessing directives [cpp]
17 - Library introduction [lib.library]
18 - Language support library []
19 - Diagnostics library [lib.diagnostics]
20 - General utilities library [lib.utilities]
21 - Strings library [lib.strings]
22 - Localization library [lib.localization]
23 - Containers library [lib.containers]
24 - Iterators library [lib.iterators]
25 - Algorithms library [lib.algorithms]
26 - Numerics library [lib.numerics]
27 - Input/output library [lib.input.output]
1 - Grammar summary (informative) [gram]
2 - Implementation quantities (informative) [limits]
3 - Compatibility (informative) [diff]
4 - Compatibility features "(normative)" [depr]
5 - Universal-character-names for identifiers "(normative)" [extendid]

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