Edward O'Connor describes a method of typesetting LATEX and TEX logos with HTML and CSS in his blog. Here it has been slightly restructured and repackaged to make it more reusable.

Download this CSS style file, call it latexlogo.css and put it in a suitable folder. When you want to print a logo, attached the style sheet by putting the following in the page#39s header:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="latexlogo.css">

This assumes the sheet is in the same folder as the page, so you might have to change the href.

Then for the TEX logo use:

<span class="tex">T<sub>e</sub> X</span>

and for the L ATEX logo use:

<span class="latex"> L<sup>a</sup>T<sub>e</sub>X</span>