The author and his publisher have made every effort to make The programmer's guide to C++ as error free as possible, but the following are corrections for some of the errors that slipped through. If any reader finds an error not in this list, please let the author know by email. My thanks to those who have already contributed to this errata list.

Page 13 - example at bottom of page:
Remove first line that refers to default.

Page 24 - table 3.3:
Insert space in last line so "
n =n" becomes "n = n".

Page 30 - exercise 3:
Change the phrase "If a = 6, ..." to "If the integers a = 6, ..." .

Page 37 - section 4.2.3:
Correct indentation in while statement.

Page 45 - middle of page:
The phrase "a pointer is being declared" should read "a pointer is declared".

Page 48 - code example near bottom of page:
littledog[5] to littledog[7].

Page 52 - near end of page:
Delete "be" so that "A union can be also be given" becomes "A union can also be given" .

Page 89 - code example near top of page:
( Stock& s ) to ( const Stock& s ), and remove second period in s.the.code to make it s.thecode.

Page 97 - second code example on page:
In fourth line of example, change
bluehat.STANDARD() to STANDARD.code().

Page 104 - code example in middle of page:
List::Node( int data, Node* node );
can be
Node( int data, Node* node );

Page 150 - code example at top of page:
Correct indentation of the last statement in main function.

Page 155 - second line from bottom:
Change "
virtual function" to "virtual functions".

Page 168 - code example:
Correct inconstancy by adding periods to the end of all comments.

Page 173 - second code example from top of page:
In the
if statement, change cost.put(newcost) to cost.put(item,newcost).

Page 211 - Last sentence of first paragraph in section 14.7:
Remove last sentence, begining "When <fstream.h>".

Page 223 - exercise 5.2:
Change <string.h> to <string>.

Page 224 - In main at bottom of page:
string revs(' ',word.length());
with string revs(" ",word.length());

Page 225 - exercise 5.3 (b):
Last line of solution missing. Add the following after while loop:

stack = 0;

Page 235 - exercise 8.1:
Remove line beginning
enum bool.

Page 239 - lines 24 and 25:
cerr and exit statements, and replace them with:
throw "Board bound error";

Page 240 - line18:
cin to c.

Page 241 - In deepcopy near bottom of page:
Replace insert(cfrom->data());
with after(cfrom->current());

Page 246 - line 3:
Split line after comma to avoid line wrap. Indent new line to align with
string on previous line.

Page 251 - exercise 12.1:
cerr and abort statements, and replace them with:
throw "Array subscript out of bounds";

Page 259 - exercise 14.1:
Remove the line of code beginning
enum bool. Delete the // characters on next line. And remove the line after that with '*' in it.

Page 265-274 - appendix B:
There is are a couple of errors that are repeated thought out this appendix. Rather than correct each instance, a general correction is follows. On page
265 replace
    const string& str, size_t pos = 0, size_t n = NPOS
    const string& str, size_t pos, size_t n
    const string& str
and on page 266 replace
    char c, size_t rep = 1
    size_t rep, char c
and remove last sentence in the following paragraph beginning "If an argument". Now whenever the erroneous versions appears in appendix B, replace with its correction.
However, the easiest solution is to refer to the replacement appendix.

Page 282 - lines 7 and 8:
The entries for
strtod and strtol have the wrong descriptions. They should be exchanged.