The Programmer's Guide to C++


Adrian P. Robson


This book is written for students and professionals who can already program in a language like Ada, Modula-2, Pascal, C or Fortran, and want to move to C++ because of its object oriented programming features. It will also be useful to programmers familiar with C++ who want a guide that covers some of the most recent features of the language. It does not attempt to teach programming to beginners. However, it can be used by students learning to program with C++, as a companion to supplement their main text book.

All important features of the language are explained, including templates, exception handling, run-time type information, and the new cast operators. The C++ string class is used throughout the book. However, other parts of standard class and template libraries are beyond the scope of this book.

There are exercises, at the end of each chapter, which reinforce and further explore the ideas and techniques of C++ programming. Model solutions are provided as an appendix for almost all of these exercises.