Bit Manipulation with Java How to manipulate integer variables at the bit level in Java. pdf
LaTeX Hints and Tips Some useful methods for the LaTeX document preparation system. pdf
Notes on Drawing Logic Diagrams with LaTeX Methods for drawing logic gates and connectors with TikZ. pdf
LaTeX Table Notes Some useful methods for producing tables in LaTeX documents. pdf
The programmer's guide to C++ A text book on the C++ programming language. This is a 'pre-print' version of the book with all post print errata applied. In particular, the material on the C++ string class as been updated. pdf
Vim Editor Cheat Sheet Summary of some useful Vim commands. pdf
Concentrated C++ A brief introduction to the C++ programming language. pdf
Calculating IP VLSM Subnet Addresses An article that describes a detailed method for calculating IP subnet address schemes by hand. pdf
The Complete Guide to Quadratic Curve Sketching A description of how to sketch quadratic curves by hand. pdf
Java Programming with SciTE for Simple Projects on Windows Platforms Use SciTE for Java programming on Windows, where all source code is in the same folder. Class files are put in a sub-folder. pdf
A Problem with the SciTE Go Command on Linux The SciTE Go command has a problem with the standard input stream on Linux. This article provides a solution. pdf
The backnaur package A method for typesetting Backus-Naur Form expressions in LaTeX. Download and install to use the package. pdf
The flowchart package Describes a LaTeX package that provides some traditional program flowchart symbols for use in TikZ pictures. Download and, and install them to use the package. pdf
The makeshape package Describes a LaTeX package that simplifies PGF shape definition by allowing anchorborder behaviour to be specified as a simple path. Download and install to use the package. pdf
Fonts for Displaying Program Code in LaTeX Looks at suitable monospaced fonts that are easy use in LaTeX verbatim environments. pdf
Pentax K-50 Camera Notes Notes on using the Pentax K50 DSLR camera. The camera's exposure modes, and recommendations for button customisation. are discussed. pdf
Deploying Python Programs on
Windows Platforms
Notes on how to install Python programs on Windows PCs without using installer tools, or converting the program to an exe file. pdf