ISO/IEC JTC 1 / SC22 / WG21 is the international standardization working group for the programming language C++.

The current C++ standard is ISO/IEC 14882:2017 (C++17). The standard, which describes the core language and the standard libraries, must be bought from ANSI, ISO, or the BSI. Here we present the available draft, and thus free, versions of the standard.

Available C++ Standard Drafts and Related Documents

The draft standard for C++17 is N4659 (original from WG21).

The closest available draft for C++14 would seem to be  N4140 (original from

For C++11, here is N3242 as a draft standard, dated 28 February 2011 (original from WG21).

There is an early working draft standard for C++20 (12 Feb 2018) called N4727 (original from WG21).

The older C++98 standard, which was the first, might be of historical interest.

There is a 1997 Public Review Document, referenced as WG21/N1043 and dated December 1996, in HTML and as a PDF file. There is also a Proposed Defect Report on ISO/IEC1488:1998 (original from WG21).

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 - There is an HTML document, labelled Final Draft, that is no older than April 1998. From Roland Ducournau there is a PDF version (local) of the standard, dated September 1998.

Useful Sites

The Wikipedia articles on C++11, C++14 and C++17 give overviews of the changes from previous versions.

There is an interview about C++17 with Bjarne Stroustrup at InfoQueue; and Egor Bredikhin's blog describes C++17 features.

There is a C++14 overview in Dr. Dobb's Journal 16 September 2014.

There is a good language reference that covers C++11, C++14 and C++17 features at

Bjarne Stroustrup C++ link on his home page is worth a visit. In particular, he has written a general C++ FAQ, and has given his thoughts about what C++17 should be in N4492 (local). There also a good C++ FAQ at

Frank B. Brokken's C++ Annotations is a general C++ tutorial. You might find The programmer's Guide to C++ of some use, although it it rather out of date (1997).