Directional Methods

Search and move direction

A number of useful navigation commands are effected by EVE's move direction. The current direction is displayed at the bottom of the screen (window).


This moves the cursor to the start or end of a line.

  1. Press F12

The outcome depends on the move direction:

Move to end of line.

If the cursor is already at the end of a line, then move to the end of the next line.

Move to start of line.

If the cursor is already at the start of a line, then move to the start of the previous line. (Sometimes says ``already at start of line.'')


This searches through current file for a text string.

  1. Press FIND
  2. Enter search string
  3. Press RETURN

Wildcard FIND

GOLD (PF1) ... FIND can be used to perform wildcard searches. Some wildcard characters are:

* any number of characters
% a single character

For example, %b* will find any word with the second letter b.

Use the SHOW WILDCARD command to find out more about wildcard characters.

Warning: PF1 is not always defined as GOLD. See page [*] for more information on the gold key.

Adrian P Robson 2011-04-23